Wedding Officiant Fees


I require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit to place and hold a wedding date and time on my calendar. (After initial contact, I  guarantee dates for only two weeks without a deposit.)

You decide what you pay.  My fee with couples is flexible because weddings are different and couple's resources are different.  I leave the specific amount to your discretion.  Within the fee range guidelines below, whatever fee with which you  are comfortable fits your wedding and your budget is fine with me.

For weddings with no rehearsal, the fee range is $250 to $400.  For weddings where I attend a rehearsal, the fee range is $400 to $550.  For weddings where I put together a plan with you and I direct your rehearsal and wedding ceremony, the fee range is $500 to $650.  All fees are in addition to the deposit.

Smaller weddings typically are at the lower end of these fee ranges; large, elaborate weddings typically are at the higher end; most weddings are somewhere in between.  However, within the fee range  guidelines, the decision about the actual fee is left to each couple.  

Place the fee in an envelope and hand it to me, along with the marriage license, before the ceremony.

When weddings are outside the Asheville area, I will sometimes ask that couples add a specific additional amount to the  fee for the travel time and distance.